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Randa Hiett
Elections Administrator

205 N. Russell, Rm 415
PO Box 2493, Pampa 79066

(806) 669-8068 - Phone
(806) 669-4004 - Facsimile


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Application for a Ballot by Mail
To be eligible to vote early by mail in Texas one of the following must be applicable:

  • Be 65 years or older
  • Disability
  • Expected to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day 
  • Expected absence from the county during both election day and the early voting time period
  • Confinement in jail
There are applications online or you may request one by contacting the Elections Administrator.
Applications may be mailed or emailed to the elections administrator:

Elections Administrator
205 N. Russell, Rm 415
PO Box 2493
Pampa TX 79066

Email: randa.hiett@graycch.com

Phone: (806)669-8068



If an application is emailed, then the original, hard copy of the application MUST be mailed and received by the early voting clerk no later than the 4th business day. 


Ballot By Mail Informational Pamphlet (Spanish)


Voting Precincts in Pampa
Gray County Precinct Map

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